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Truth Resonance Gong - Part of The Contemplation Series

Excerpt from The Essential Key to Wisdom and The Soul's Openner books:

“... I imagined a gong in my heart. I called it the Truth-Resonance Gong. Each step I took, each person I met, each book I picked up even before reading it, each experience looming on my personal horizon, practically each and every moment and all it contained I let it create its own unique sound on my gong thus, revealing the truth of it and in it if it existed at all.”

“I let my Truth-Resonance Gong help me determine the Rightness of things, so I may carry on my way to my destination to fulfill my own Vocation.”

“You too have the Truth Resonance Gong in the depth of your heart. You too may take a step back, relinquish the thought of readily believing others, and test it for yourself...”

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The Truth Resonance Gong is part of and referred to in The Soul's Openner Book and in The Essential Key To Wisdom Book.